Company Insight

Konkan Explorers has rapidly become a trend-setter and participates nowadays to set standards in the cruise domain associated with water sports and adventure activities in India. The trademark of our endeavor is to propose a rich yachting experience in associating cruises and nautical sports. An overriding interest is placed in engaging in a responsible outlook of proximity towards social and natural dimensions.

Operating in an unstructured and relatively new sector of the economy, our fundamental commitment is to develop a responsible approach by paying constant attention to assessing the social, ecological, and philosophical consequences of our action.

This approach was recognized by the government and since 2021, Konkan Explorers is the official partner of Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) to Conceptualize & Develop Nautical Tours for the state of Goa.


Konkan Explorers is looking for enthusiastic people who want to share their passion for nature, water sports, community engagement, and culture with the rest of the team and guests.

We require people who maintain good hygiene in life and have developed a culture of sports and physical training.

Besides, we attach the greatest importance to personality criteria assuring that our workplace shelters a resilient atmosphere of good spirit.

Fresher’s are welcome as far as they match our requirements. If you match all our requirements and looking to have a career in the same domain, Konkan Explorers will be more than happy to offer you a permanent position.

What skills you might gain

What an Ideal Intern should be


This internship is the gateway to integrate the team of Konkan Explorers for a career.