konkan explorers

est. 2012

What is it about?

Konkan Explorers is located in Morjim GOA, INDIA.

The trademark of our endeavor is to propose a rich yachting experience in associating cruises and nautical sports. An overriding interest is placed in engaging in a responsible outlook of proximity towards social and natural dimensions.

Our two main vessels, designed in New Zealand specially for the Indian environment, present for our activities an excellent blend of versatility, performance, and safety.

Generally, the cruise takes the passengers to a certain point in a river or the sea, from where kayaking excursion, or sailing adventures, are launched. Then, the passengers, attended and guided by the crew, return to the main vessel and enjoy a cruise back.

Each trip is customized according to the wishes as well as the physical and technical skills of the passengers.

We address the need of beginners with approachable programs. Besides, our long practice of expeditions and adventure activities is suitable for the more demanding sessions with well-trained passengers.

All together it participates to make Konkan Explorers unique in India.

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Why choose us?

Thanks to our high standards we have obtained:


Ongoing Partnership:

The Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) has chosen and contracted with Konkan Explorers in 2021 as Exclusive Partner to conceptualize and develop Responsible Nautical Activities for the State of Goa for a duration of 10 + years.


Multi Awarded:

●  Outlook Indian Responsible Tourism Awards 2018

    – National Winner Best Outdoor Operator 2018

●  Travel & Hospitality Awards

   – Eco-Friendly Tour Company of the Year 2018 – Goa

   – Cruise Company of the Year 2019 – Goa


   99 % Excellent Reviews



Unique and Exclusive:

●  We are the only one in India to propose this kind of EXPERIENCE based on an innovative concept.

●  We have a 10 + years track-record of delivering excellent service to our valued passengers.



Trusted Expertise:

In outdoor and adventure expertise is not a luxury. If we are experts, it is because our drive is a long-time passion for practice in these domains. For your convenience and safety, a high level of training is expected from all of us, including the carefully, internationally chosen team, which trains every week besides the trips.


Culture of Responsibility:

The owners and team operate, maintain and manage their own boats. It ensures superior quality of services, superior level of safety, and control of service standards. The owners and team of Konkan Explorers, not an anonymous crew, are entirely responsible for the value of your experience.



Priority Quality and Safety:

Upset with seeing the scant quality of experience offered, we have created the concept of “Value Moments”. It focuses on devising Intelligent Leisure and the quality of the experience. For instance, keeping this in mind, we are very particular about not overcrowding our boats. It means you can travel in more space, comfort, and safety than with other companies.

Our Packages